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Each piece by Kate Samson Design is thoughtfully designed and completely unique, as no two pieces of sea glass are ever alike. Many of the pieces you see in our shop are available in a wide array of sea glass colors. All of our sea glass is genuine and hand picked from all over the world, including the beaches of California, England, Hawaii, and Italy. The sea glass is always left in its original organic shape, and is never cut or shaved to fit into the bezel.

We are always happy to send photographs of the sea glass selections available in the studio. If you have specific color and/or size requests, please be specific.

If you are interested in selecting your own sea glass or providing a special find for us to work with, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Sea Glass History

Sea glass, born from the marriage of human ingenuity and nature's embrace, carries a captivating history. Originating from a time when glass bottles were discarded into the sea, it undergoes a remarkable transformation in the ocean's depths.

Immersed in the tides, sea glass evolves through the alchemy of time, salt, and sand. Relentless waves and abrasive forces shape each fragment, rounding edges and creating a smooth, frosted surface. The ocean's tender touch imparts an ethereal beauty to these once ordinary shards.

Sea glass adorns beaches in a diverse array of colors. Common hues like white, brown, and green trace back to ubiquitous soda and beer bottles. Yet, the allure lies in the rarity of cobalt blue, vibrant aqua, and soft lavender, remnants of an era when unique glassware graced households.

Treasured by beachcombers, sea glass unveils glimpses into forgotten tales. With each discovery, whispers of ancient civilizations and human ingenuity resonate. Holding these fragments, one can't help but marvel at the connection to our shared past.

Today, sea glass has evolved into cherished adornments. Its delicate interplay of light evokes wonder and tranquility. Artists and jewelry makers harness its beauty, turning it into timeless creations that carry a profound connection to nature.

The journey of sea glass testifies to the enduring power of elements and the transformative force of time. It serves as a reminder of our harmonious relationship with the oceans and the beauty that emerges from unexpected places. With every piece discovered, we honor our shared history and the boundless wonders of the natural world.

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